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The Great Resignation

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Healthcare employees are leaving their jobs in unprecedented numbers.

How can you ensure you have the people you need to keep your facility fully staffed?

Our eBook, Powerful Solutions To The Great Resignation: Creative approaches to healthcare staffing shortages, defines the Great Resignation and discusses the magnitude of the issue in the healthcare industry:

  • Who is resigning?
  • Why are they leaving?
  • What is the impact?
  • Is there any end in sight?

Solutions to Staffing Shortages

We’re not just bringing up problems in this book. You’ll find actionable suggestions to stem the tide of exiting employees and attract new talent.

  • Make your facility a better place to work.
  • Improve workplace safety.
  • Show your people they are appreciated.
  • Prioritize employees’ mental health.

About Horizon Healthcare Management

Since 2015, Horizon Healthcare Management has been providing allied health, support staff and nurse staffing solutions, as well as recruiting physicians and healthcare executives.