Long-Term Partnerships. Continuity of Care.

Providing lifechanging staffing solutions for the healthcare industry.

Horizon is more than a medical staffing agency; we partner with healthcare facilities to deliver real staffing solutions. Our team of experts is dedicated to filling critical healthcare positions with the best talent in the market and connecting you with the right professional for every role. Whether you need short-term help to cover shifts or you’re searching for proven leaders to join your permanent team, Horizon can help you meet your goals.

Let our team focus on staffing and recruiting, so you can focus on achieving your mission.

Our Commitment

Our mission is to help you find skilled, hardworking nurses, physicians, allied health professionals, and assistants to ensure the quality of patient care in your facility. We do more than send warm bodies to jobs; we are committed to continuity of care and providing long-term excellence, even when your needs are per diem.

Every professional we place is held to the highest standards – they are tested, vetted, verified, and placed with the interests of the facility in mind. We stand behind our promises to our clients, and if you want to hire a temporary Horizon employee full-time, you may do so with no buyout cost.

Our Healthcare Staffing Services

We provide a full range of professional healthcare staffing solutions and nurse placement services, including:

Permanent placement


Locum tenens

Per diem



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Professionals We Place

We Partner With The Following Facilities:

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