The Advantages of Partnering with a Healthcare Staffing Firm

Working with a Healthcare Recruiter

With staffing an ongoing challenge, having a reputable healthcare management firm in your corner can help save time, and land the best candidates.

Even before the pandemic, the demand for healthcare professionals was at an all-time high. One of the main reasons is that as Baby Boomers age, they require more medical attention – a growing portion of it, long-term care.

If you’re a hospital, nursing home, or clinic looking to scale up your workforce, it might be time to delegate your hiring to a professional medical staffing company.

You’re probably already aware that finding the right mix of nurses, NPs, physicians, allied health professionals, LPNs and others is not a simple undertaking. With a national shortage of healthcare workers, the task is particularly challenging.

You may want to add staff, but the fact is, the best workers in a high-demand field are probably currently employed. How do you reach them?

That’s where a proven healthcare recruiting and management company can make it all better.

A staffing firm can guide busy employers through the complexities of identifying the hiring opportunities and finding the best candidates. Even those currently employed! While hiring companies go about their daily lives, a recruiter can be busily working to find that next great candidate.

Four Reasons Why an Employer Should Consider Partnering with a Healthcare Recruiting Firm

Their Network is Better than Yours

Recruiting firms have extensive networks, with access to proven candidates that aren’t necessarily on your radar. As an employer, this translates into enormous potential – instead of limiting yourself to running ads and hoping for the best, you’ll have access to the best candidates for your position. This not only saves time but enables you to choose only the best people.

You’re Up Against Fewer Competitors

With high demand for the best jobs, job seekers are calling the shots. But when you work with a recruiter – once you’ve met to discuss your needs and parameters a seasoned recruiter will narrow down the pool of applicants to those with the right credentials. This saves time and gives you a leg up in a highly-competitive job market.

They Can Streamline the Hiring Process

By reducing administrative hassle a good healthcare staffing agency can not only offer access to a nationwide network of highly qualified candidates, but they can also streamline the process for selecting and onboarding those candidates. The result is that your staff spends less time with the most burdensome aspects of hiring, like sorting through applications and arranging interviews.

They’ll Understand your Goals and Help You Meet Them

A seasoned healthcare staffing agency can do more than help you stay fully staffed with the best possible candidates at all times. A truly comprehensive partner can also help you meet your larger operational goals like improving staff retention, training, reporting, and cost-effectiveness with advanced workforce management tools.

Final Thought

If you’re thinking of augmenting your healthcare staff, having a reputable healthcare recruiter on your side can make things much easier. The experienced professionals at Horizon Healthcare Management are dedicated to helping employers save time, find better candidates, and strengthen the bottom line – so give us a call. There’s no obligation.

Horizon Healthcare Management is a proven nursing and healthcare recruitment firm that puts the goals of our clients first. If you’re a healthcare organization seeking to add permanent, temporary, per diem, locum tenens, or executive-level professionals, visit our Employer Opportunities page today.

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