How a Medical Staffing Firm Can Reduce Your Time to Hire

How a Medical Staffing Firm Can Reduce Your Time to Hire Horizon Healthcare Management

Today’s hiring managers, HR professionals, and hospital administrators are working harder than ever to keep up with the need for physicians, nurses, NPs, allied health professionals, medical executives, and other clinical professionals in their facilities.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in healthcare occupations is expected to grow 16% through 2030, much faster than the average for most other occupations.

This means that HR pros and hiring managers are almost constantly under pressure to fill open positions in their healthcare facilities. In addition, small staff and the lengthy processes of identifying and publicizing an open position, going through resumes, interviewing and hiring can be an overwhelming process. It’s a real problem – and that’s where an experienced healthcare staffing agency can step in and reduce your time to hire.

Time to hire is one of those standard recruiting metrics tracking the number of days from when a candidate applies and when they accept a job offer. This varies by type of candidate, but a recruiting firm can streamline the process by simply taking some of the work out of the hands of a frazzled HR department!

How do medical staffing firms reduce your time to hire?

Medical Recruiters Get the Hard-to-Find Candidates

Many employers rely heavily on passive candidates (a candidate not actively seeking a new job) to fill open roles. They’re often the “gold standard” when looking to hire the best talent, but sourcing passive candidates is time-consuming and not something that most hiring managers or internal HR teams have time to do.

A staffing agency can establish an organized process of sourcing passive candidates to quickly fill your candidate pipeline and ultimately bring your time to hire numbers down.

Staffing Firms Maintain a Network of Top Medical Professionals

Building a talent database is something that a staffing agency does every day. Along with people who frequent the job boards, there’s a hidden pool of candidates that might be willing to talk to you if you just had the time to proactively approach them. This process builds a talent pipeline and it’s something that a staffing agency can do. That professional network can help you find and hire great candidates more quickly.

They Know Efficiency is Key

A medical staffing agency can also improve your time to hire by driving a more efficient process. The best healthcare recruiters push candidates through your process without sacrificing quality. Their goal is to streamline the interview process by vetting candidates, coordinating meetings, follow-throughs, the offer, negotiation, and more. Having a dedicated resource to push candidates through faster, plus the effort to keep your candidate funnel full, are two important ways a top staffing organization can improve time to hire.

Contact Our Medical Staffing Firm Today

When it’s time to add staff, working with an experienced medical staffing firm can make things much easier. There are many staffing firms out there, but it’s best to work with one that really understands healthcare.

The experienced professionals at Horizon Healthcare Management are dedicated to helping medical employers save time, find better candidates, and improve their time to hire. We provide medical staffing services in Evansville, IN; Kentucky; Louisiana, and North Carolina. To learn if partnering with a professional hiring firm is right for you, contact our medical recruiters today. There’s no obligation.

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