Do I Need to Pay for a Medical Recruiter?  

Do I Need to Pay for a Medical Recruiter?

When it comes to working with a medical recruiter, in most instances, the candidate does not pay a fee. Typically, the hospital or clinical facility you’re placed in picks up the tab. 

Which is pretty significant when you consider that the best medical recruiters can really help you locate and land the position you’re looking for.  

They can match you with employers and roles that are perfect for your skills, interests, and values. They also have access to open positions that you won’t find on job boards and can help prepare you for the interview process.   

But did you know there are many types of recruiters – and recruitment firms – out there? Knowing the right one to engage with can be confusing – and understanding their roles can go a long way toward ensuring a successful and timely job search.  

4 Types of Medical Recruiters to be Aware Of:  

Contingency Recruiter 

Contingency recruiting is when an organization hires a recruiting agency or contract recruiter to find candidates for an open position. The recruitment agency only gets paid if a candidate they find is hired by the organization. The recruiting fee is typically around 20 percent of the salary of the position filled. Normally, you don’t have to pay a fee. 

Remember, these recruiters are NOT working for you – they work for the client with the job opening. However, if you’re the right fit for the position, they’ll work hard to get you in the door. 

Retained Recruiter 

A retained recruiter has an exclusive relationship with an employer. They are hired for a specific period of time to find a candidate for a job, generally for senior-level positions in a company or for positions that are difficult to fill. They’re paid expenses, plus a percentage of the employee’s salary, regardless of whether the candidate is hired.  

As a jobseeker, you don’t have to pay a fee. Retained recruiters work very closely with the client to find the best person for the job with exactly the right skill set and experience. 

Corporate Recruiter 

Corporate Recruiters work in-house for a company’s HR department and are paid a salary and benefits just like any other employee. They often have titles such as HR Manager or Hiring Manager. Their job is to find new employees for the company they work for – usually large companies with a lot of hiring needs. 

Temporary /Contract Staffing Agency 

Temporary (temp) agencies find employees to fill temporary jobs for their clients. Temps are often hired when companies have rush, short-term projects, or to cover vacations or illnesses. When a medical temp agency places you in a position, they pay your wages, taxes, insurance and benefits and charge the employer an hourly rate for your time.

Should You Work with a Medical Recruiter to Find a Job?

There are many benefits to working with a medical recruiter. By understanding your skills and experience – while also having a firm grasp of the healthcare job market – a skilled recruiter could be exactly what you need to further your career. Working with the right recruiter, experienced in working with job seekers in the medical profession, can help take the stress out of your RN, LPN, or CNA job search. 

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