3 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Travel RN for Your Assisted Care Facility

3 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Travel RN for Your Assisted Care Facility

As most industries continue to struggle through The Great Resignation, many businesses and facilities are struggling to hire qualified talent. The healthcare industry is no exception, and they have it even worse – the pandemic wreaked havoc on the medical field as many nurses took time away or left the field completely due to burnout.  

If your assisted care facility is struggling to find qualified nursing talent, you may want to think outside of the box. Hiring traveling nurses, traveling RNs in particular, is a great way to solve your staffing challenges and gain an experienced team member when you need them – right now. Horizon Healthcare Management, a caregiver temp agency in Evansville, IN, shares three great reasons to consider hiring a traveling RN for your facility:  

#1: Traveling nurses help fill staffing shortages.  

As mentioned above, burnout and high turnover rates have led to rising nursing shortages across the board. It’s likely that your assisted care facility is no exception. Bringing in traveling nurses is a great way to address that shortage – these individuals bridge the gap by temporarily joining your facility to cover those open roles. And traveling RNs can help in other ways, too, filling in for planned absences like family leave or unplanned ones, like sick leave.  

#2: It makes sense financially. 

According to NursingWorld.org, the cost to replace a Registered Nurse can range from $22,000 to $64,000 or more. Rather than bringing on a new RN full-time, it often makes more sense financially to hire a traveling nurse. Travel nurses work as contractors, so your facility does not have to spend the money on benefits packages and related personnel costs. You’ll also avoid recruiting costs associated with putting out job advertisements, interviewing, and onboarding. Even if the travel nurse’s rate is hire than what you’re used to paying, you’ll likely spend significantly less money in the long-term than you would if you hired another full-time RN.  

#3: It improves patient care. 

When your core staff is overworked, it leads to burnout. And that leads to worse patient care. A stressed-out and tired staff can result in problems like patient falls, missed medications, complications, and much more. Ultimately, one of the greatest benefits of bringing on traveling RNs or traveling nurses to your assisted care facility is making sure every patient is covered. RNs are the consummate professionals you need to make sure every patient at your facility can have their needs addressed.  

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